New Horizons

for the BLUE world


Today we are facing a professional and social exclusion of adult people with autism, this is the reason why we have developed a team of professionals in our project that will contribute to the creation of an educational alternative that respects their learning pace and will contribute to improving their chance of employability. So they will have the opportunity not only to integrate into the social life but also for new opportunities to develop their own personal autonomy and even to establish their own family. With the help of specialists, our role in the project is to capitalize on the potential and the qualities of adults with autism by specializing them in professional fields that fit the job profile.

It is important to include technology in the professional profile as it is a field in which the demand for work is constantly increasing. Even if we face a large number of unemployed adults with autism, we can see that they have some essential characteristics that describe them. They have skills and abilities which is an advantage in certain work environments.