VET for Western Balkans

Innovative Methodology for preventing Radicalization to promote Social Inclusion of Youth


The “VET for Western Balkan” project aims to contribute to the improvement and modernization of VET systems in four partners in the Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, and reinforcement of the links between VET and labour market.

All project activities: mobilities, trainings, meetings, events, campaigns, establishment of joint task forces, curriculum development, new strategies, action plans, introduction of new VET programs, development of pedagogy and didactics, development of material etc., are planned and implemented in cooperation among the partners, who willingly will share their experiences and networks with each other.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Exchange programmes between Erasmus+ Programme Countries and the Western Balkans
  • The knowledge, technical and pedagogical skills of VET teachers to be improved
  • The knowledge of VET managerial staff to be improved
  • The transversal, generic and subject specific skills of learners to be enhanced

Target Group:

  • The Balkan partners involved in the project
  • Other VET providers in the countries concerned
  • Businesses (especially local and regional), business organizations, primary schools, their pupils, and parents, and relevant ministries in the countries concerned