Speak it up

Youth Public Speaking Skills Development Towards a Democratic Society in Contemporary Europe


The main aim of the Speak It Up project is to provide a modern informal educational package, that will be consisted of an app and a board game, for youth trainers and youth employers in order to develop young people’s (age 18-30 yr.) public speaking ability in politics.

  1. Create an innovative non-formal educational package for youth trainers and youth workers to assist young people in developing and/or improving their life skills related to public speaking.

  1. Create an interactive app and a fun learning game to supplement target group training in order to catching the youths’ interest in their learning process.

  1. Support the processes that trainers/educators and youth workers will use to motivate young people to participate in democratic structures and institutions through practical activities.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Promoting an inventive informal educational package for youth trainers and youth employees to help young people to develop and advance their life skills regarding to public speaking.
  • Devising an interactive app and learning game for fun to advocate the target group training towards grasping the young people’s interest in learning.
  • Motivate the process that educators and youth employees will benefit to encourage youngsters to attend in the democratic life and institutions through their participation in real-life activities.