Revolutionizing SMEs through Emotional Intelligence in the 5th Industrial Era


The REVIVE 5.0 project focuses on investigating emotional intelligence (EI) as an important asset for HR management to secure the transition of SMEs to the Industry 5.0. The project aims to develop an innovative VET programme to equip HR Managers in SMEs with the necessary EI skills and competences to manage the transit of their workforce to Industry 5.0.

The role of SMEs in economic development is recognized globally and strategies are being developed to ensure long-term prosperity, particularly with the vision of Industry 5.0. Transitioning to this new industry requires a change in organizational culture, with HRM being crucial in rethinking business models and practices.

This project aims to investigate how emotional intelligence (EI) can aid this transition and proposes a VET training model for HR managers to develop EI skills and competences. The project involves six organizations from different countries collaborating to build a future-oriented VET program to support the professional development of HRM and enhance their employees’ EI skills in line with Industry 5.0.