Entrepreneurial Mindset developement for Mother - Staruppers Through Role Models


The project “Mumpreneurship” is based on the values of gender equality and especially the participation of mothers in the field of innovative and social entrepreneurship. Both Eurostat (2019) and “Women’s Economic Empowerment” (2016) report provide strong evidence that women are lagging behind men in terms of the number of female business owners, the size of women-owned businesses, and their access to economic resources.

Women’s economic empowerment is a cornerstone of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship 2020 plan. Even though data regarding women’s careers and life balance and women’s multiple roles and their coping strategies and mechanisms has been more prominent over the past three years (Brink et al, 2001), there are still major misconceptions regarding mothers in the workplace especially when referring to disadvantaged mothers; single mothers, migrant mothers, mothers with social needs.

The role of these misconceptions is evident in the amount of companies reducing their expectations to hire working mothers. There is evidence that the care of children plays a crucial role in mothers’ and households’ labor supply decisions: European data demonstrate that in 2017, the employment rate of women with children aged 6 or less was 64.6% in the EU as opposed to 79% for women without children.
The OBJECTIVES of “Mumpreneurship” project are :
1. promote economical, social and gender equality in entrepreneurship
2. promote VET education accessibility on entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship for mothers especially the disadvantaged ones
3. encourage psychological the women that they can be simultaneously a good mother and a good professional
4. bring out the importance of working and innovating for the mother’s psychological, emotional, cultural, social balance and wellbeing
5. fight stereotypes against women who want to work again after their childbirth, especially the disadvantaged ones who are migrants, single mothers, disabled, unemployed or with social needs
6. motivate and help mothers especially the disadvantaged ones, creating their own work in the new economy
7. inspire mothers through role-model education to take the risk of founding their own enterprise
8.enhance acquisition of key skills and competences to mothers
9.empower VET trainers/ educators/relevant professionals regarding mumpreneurship
10. offer to VET trainers/ educators/ relevant professionals new tools