A Mindfulness training for youth workers to improve the mental health and well being of young people


Despite the fact that mindfulness techniques could help young people who suffer from stress and anxiety or have other mental health issues, not many young people actually know how to do it. Similarly, youth workers lack the relevant knowledge and experience and feel incompetent at delivering mindfulness training. Therefore, comprehensive programs are needed in mindfulness education to help youth workers new to mindfulness share the practices with youths.

This need urges to achieve a transnational partnership among the partner institutions involved, aiming at the preparation of a comprehensive Mindfulness Training package and the training and education of youth workers, as target groups and youths as final beneficiaries. The purpose of the MindfulYouth project is an international synergy between 5 European organisations with the same need – mindfulness training and youth workers’ professional development towards promoting mindfulness among youth to help them embrace and practice mindfulness towards the betterment of their mental health.

The project has the following objectives:

1. To design, test and publish a Mindfulness training package for youth workers,

2. To contribute to the professional development of youth workers in mindfulness education

3. To promote mindfulness education among youths, at the European level and internationally