“Mindfulness Based Art Therapy as Effective Tool to Improve Mental Health of Seniors in the Context of COVID19 Pandemic MBAT4Seniors”


The main of the project is to equip adult educators, working with seniors, exhaustive methodological material about use of MBAT with the aim to improve 65+aged learners’ mental health in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we will provide seniors with an easily accessible and easy-to-use tool on how to use MBAT in every-day life. The objectives of the project are the following:

1. To create tailor-made MBAT training package for adult educators and seniors available on e-learning web platform and Android mobile application. 2. To improve mental health and well-being of seniors. 3. To promote circular economy among adult educators, seniors and stakeholders. 4. To create international network of adult education organisations working with MBAT. Target group of the project – adult educators (geriatric psychologists and nurses, social workers caring elderlies in care homes and daily centers, lecturers, coaches in the Third Age Universities, adult education centers, couching centers, working with seniors, artists and art therapists, providing educational and psychological help services for seniors, etc). Beneficiaries – seniors aged 65+

In order to achieve project aim and objectives partners will implement the following activities:

1. Researched the impact of MBAT on seniors’ mental health and composed the map of possibilities.
2. Prepared innovative training package for adult educators and seniors consisting of training programme and tool kit for use in everyday life.
3. Created project website and prepared e-learning platform and mobile application as a tool for learning on MBAT and use its techniques in everyday life through personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.
4. Implemented international training of adult educators “MBAT4Trainers: giving the guidance for adult educators”.
5. Carried out testing sessions on MBAT4Seniors educational package in all partners countries. 6. Hold local workshops for seniors about use of MBAT in everyday life.