Innovative guidance &training services for low-skilled &low-qualified adults   


Challenges in achieving education for all in Europe are still present, namely: unpredictable demand for future skills, large disparities in access to education, the need to train adult educators in transversal curricular approaches to provide more life-context and authentic learning opportunities to sustain the transition to employment, the need for skills to integrate digital devices in instruction, lack of a common and coherent methodological approach in guidance and counselling services in order to be effective across all educational levels. These challenges have a high impact, particularly on low-skilled and low-qualified adults who lack the resilience, learning strategies or engagement to learn on their own.

Currently, there are training, counselling or coaching e-platforms strictly dedicated to one area. Targeting a holistic approach, the project identified the needs of staff who support adult learners to have at hand, integrated into one, all necessary means to assist the low-skilled and low-qualified adults all through the way on their upskilling path to increase their competitiveness and adaptability in the labor market. In this respect, the project’s overall goal is to empower these professionals with an integrated and innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform and Programme together with the specific skills required for using it in order to assure high quality upskilling pathways for the low-skilled and low-qualified adults.