Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles to Learners

Embracing physical, mental, and emotional well-being for a balanced life

the course

The course is a transformative journey designed to empower learners with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Learners will engage in interactive workshops, immersive exercises, and insightful discussions, taking advantage of the beautiful environment of Cyprus (sea, forest, bio-farm) all aimed at fostering a profound understanding of how these facets intricately intertwine to form a harmonious whole. From tailored routines and mindfulness practices to strategies for managing stress and nurturing emotional resilience, this course offers a holistic blueprint for sustainable well-being. Led by experienced facilitators and backed by evidence-based approaches, learners will gain the confidence and resources to embark on a lifelong journey towards a healthier, more vibrant existence. 

The Foundations of Holistic Well-being: A solid foundation will be made in understanding the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health, the science behind it, and practical strategies to harness synergy in our everyday lives 

Nurturing Physical Vitality: Exploration of sustainable practices to cultivate strength, resilience, and longevity, the value of healthy nutrition, as well as stress management techniques that fuel our physical well-being.  

Cultivating Mental Resilience: Techniques for fostering mental clarity, focus, and emotional intelligence. Through mindfulness practices, cognitive strategies, and creative exercises, we endeavor to cultivate a resilient and adaptable mindset. 

Embracing Emotional Equilibrium: Our emotional well-being is the compass that guides us through life’s challenges and triumphs. We explore the depths of self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication. By learning to navigate our emotions, we pave the way for healthier relationships, enhanced personal growth, and a more profound sense of purpose.  

Training Program

Day 1
  1. Welcome addressed to the participants by management
  2. Course outline
  3. Ice-breaking activities
  4. Introduction to inspiring healthy lifestyle habits
  5. Why is inspiring healthy lifestyles to students so important nowadays? Current research results  
  6. Sharing good practices in the area of inspiring healthy lifestyles in different countries/educational organizations
  7. Modeling healthy eating habits
Day 2
  1. Study visit at Cape Gkreko (South-Eastern coast of the island by the sea)
  2. Hiking by the coast
  3. Activities for emotional bonding with nature
  4. Fitness activities by the sea
Day 4
  1. Understanding the relationship between art and the environment
  2. Study visit at a traditional village and connection with local people
  3. Lecture on the value of the Mediterranean Diet
  4. Participation in cooking traditional food: Cooking with the locals
Day 3
  1. Study visit at a BioFarm
  2. Best practices used in the BioFarm to produce organic products
  3. Lecture about the value of herbs and aromatic plants in our health and well-being
  4. Understanding of how local production-consumption models can contribute to healthy living
Day 5
  1. Final activities
  2. Evaluation of the course
  3. Diploma awarding

NOTE: Dates and Program may be subject to change



Interactive Workshops

Conduct workshops where learners actively participate in discussions, share experiences, and collaborate on exercises to deepen their understanding of well-being

Reflective Practices

Incorporate mindfulness exercises, and reflective activities to promote self-awareness and personal growth

Role-Playing Exercises

Engage learners in role-playing exercises to practice communication skills, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence in different scenarios


Integrate artistic activities, such as painting, writing, or music, to encourage self-expression and emotional release.

Upcoming Courses

If you are a group of 4 or more people from the same organization and you don’t see any dates that suit your group,  send us an e-mail with the proposed dates and we will make the appropriate arrangements for you!

Course Packages

    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages & Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance
    2. Accommodation €480
        • Value for Money 2* Hotel Room (5 days – 4 nights)
        • Breakfast buffet
        • Complimentary beverages and snacks (24/7)
        • All lunches
        • Daily transportation from and to the course venues
    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages & Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance
    2. Transportation €100
        • Daily transportation from and to the course venues

*Include all lunches in your package for an additional fee of Є50

    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages
      • Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance

*Include all lunches in your package for an additional fee of Є50 

**This package is only suitable for participants who choose to handle their own transportation via car rental as this is the only alternative way to travel to the course venues



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