Insects Innovation in Gastronomy

Revolutionizing Gastronomy: Unveiling The Delights Of Insect Cuisine!


Join us in revolutionizing culinary traditions across the European Union (EU) with our groundbreaking project, funded by Erasmus+. Our mission is to redefine perceptions of insects as a delectable, nutritious, and environmentally sustainable food source. Through targeted efforts, we aim to promote insect consumption by emphasizing their nutritional value, empowering culinary professionals with insect cooking expertise, and debunking common myths and misconceptions. Together, let’s embrace a flavorful and eco-conscious future!

Welcome to the Insects Innovation in Gastronomy project, where our primary objectives are threefold. Firstly, we endeavor to promote insect consumption within the EU, advocating for the nutritional benefits, ecological sustainability, and affordability of integrating insects into diets. Secondly, we focus on building culinary competencies by providing training and knowledge to professional chefs and VET centers, thus enhancing their skills in insect-based cooking.

Lastly, we aim to combat prejudice and misinformation by increasing food literacy and educating the public about the advantages of insect consumption, dispelling any misconceptions that may hinder widespread acceptance. Join us in championing this innovative culinary movement!