Geo-Tours Guides

Enhancement of Tour Guides and Agents Competences on Geological Tours and Brand Building.


The preliminary needs analysis performed by the partnership shaped the project’s core mission to increase the digital
capacity of tour guides and tour agents while providing expertise on thematic geological tours. In this framework, the
project aims to develop a novel blended training package directed to tourist guides, tourist guide students and tourist
agencies that are interested to obtain expertise on Geo-tourism and develop the brand of their Geo-tours. The training
package will provide skills related to the online branding of their tours, i.e. digital, marketing & networking skills, as well as
an online textbook dedicated to specific geological routes and their theoretical information. The training package and an
accompanying e-Guidebook will be both OER available on the project’s e-learning platform.


The project’s specific objectives are:

  • Design a novel training package for tourist guides, tourist guide students and tourist agencies to obtain expertise on geological thematic tours.
  • Develop the target groups’ branding-related skills (i.e. digital & social media marketing, general digital skills, networking etc.) to make transition from theory to commercialisation.
  • Strengthen and extend Geological competences of the target group in addition to their basic training/education.
  • Enhance the target groups’ tour portfolio with quality and unique tours based on the current trends of the customer preferences for nature tourism.