Gambling free feed

Creating preventive attitudes against gambling harms for young people



Τhe Gambling Free Feed project aims to support young people, especially at-risk gamblers, affected ones and professionals to build healthier attitudes towards gambling to prevent gambling related harms.


1. Create gambling harms prevention, expert by experience model to increase the quality of the work, activities and practices of organisations involved (WP2)

2. Change the approach from gambling problems / addiction treatment to gambling harms prevention by enabling transformation at organisational level (WP2)

3. Create volunteer work model to reduce youth gambling related harms to increase the quality of the youth work (WP3)

4. Exchange best practices and provide to youth work professionals information and practical tools to support young volunteers to prevent gambling related harms face-to-face and on social media (WP3)

5. Provide young people an inclusive way to participate in prevention without special knowledge about gambling phenomenon and train them (especially at-risk gamblers) to act as gambling harms prevention volunteers (WP4)

6. Create on social media responsible gambling content, evidence-based information and constructive dialogue about gambling and related harms by influencing and campaigning (WP4)

7. Provide to project target groups reliable information about the gambling harms young people are experiencing, gambling marketing/content young people face on social media and practical prevention tools to be used (WP5)

8. Bring the youth voice in the European Gambling Harm Prevention Network EGHPN (WP5)

9. Create an e-learning course that can be linked in web sites of participating organisations to prevent and reduce youth gambling related harms (WP6)

10. Support in addition to young people those who are affected by youth gambling (friends, families etc.) as well as youth work professionals and authorities to prevent gambling harms effectively through wide cooperation of different stakeholders at individual, community and societal level. (WP6)