Outdoor Odyssey

Empowering environmental change through Education for Sustainable Development in Outdoor Settings

the course

This Course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and key competences to confidently lead environmental education and sustainable development programs through the use of outdoor settings as an effective, experiential tool to build a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society. It combines theoretical learning with practical experiences in real-life settings, providing a well-rounded and immersive learning experience. These settings will be natural and/or man-made places of interest (e.g. National Parks, museums, eco-farms, city historic centres, archaeological sites, nature trails, botanic gardens, and the sea coast). The Course will focus on the following:

  • Foundations of Environmental Education: Introduction to environmental concepts, sustainability principles, and the importance of outdoor learning
  • Pedagogy for Outdoor Education: Effective teaching methods, curriculum design, and facilitation techniques for non-formal outdoor settings
  • Experiential Learning Techniques: Practical strategies for engaging learners in hands-on, outdoor activities and field experiences 
  • Cultural and Social Perspectives in Environmental Education: Understanding the cultural and social dimensions of environmental issues and promoting inclusivity
  • Advocacy and Community Engagement: Empowering participants to become advocates for environmental stewardship within their communities

The course will be based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. To conduct the practical modules, there will be field-visits to the Troodos mountain range (forest activities), to the Cape Gkreko area, which is located on the South-Eastern coast of the island (sea activities), and to the Riverland Biofarm.



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Training Program

Day 1
  1. Welcome addressed to the participants by management
  2. Course outline
  3. Ice-breaking activities
  4. Understanding the historical development of environmental education and the emergence of education for sustainable development,
  5. Deep insight into contemporary research and professional work in the fields of outdoor education and environmental and sustainability education,
  6. Sharing of environmental education practices used in different countries/educational organizations
Day 2
  1. Use of non-formal education and outdoor settings to promote Environmental Education, such as fieldwork activities (Study of Seaside Environment) at the Cape Gkreko area (South-Eastern coast of the island by the sea) 
  2. Enhancement of personal and social development for sustainable living
  3. Integration of history, environment, and culture using non-formal education
  4. Experience of the challenges and impact of using outdoor settings in the teaching
  5. Development of skills to use the natural and cultural landscape as a resource in one owns profession
Day 4
  1. Understanding the relationship between art and the environment
  2. Appreciation of the value of taking art teaching in nature settings
  3. Experiencing learning by doing through first-hand and sensory activities in the forest ecosystem of Troodos Mountain Range
  4. Experiencing various instructional approaches connecting to art and Environmental Education and the impact of such approaches in education
Day 3
  1. Exploration of a range of thematic approaches to environmental education
  2. Participation in experiential environmental education activities in a bio-farm and a forest ecosystem or a river ecosystem (winter)
  3. Understanding how local production-consumption models can be fostered through environmental education
  4. Understanding the role of experiential learning in the context of environmental education
Day 5
  1. Final activities
  2. Evaluation of the course
  3. Diploma awarding

NOTE: Dates and Program may be subject to change



Experiential Learning

Emphasise hands-on, experiential activities in real-life settings for engagement with the environment through observations, & practical exercises


Incorporate regular reflection sessions where participants can discuss their experiences, insights, and personal growth related to the course content.

Skills Demonstrations

Evaluate participants' proficiency in outdoor skills through practical demonstrations or assessments of their ability to safely navigate & operate in outdoor environments.

Environmental Interpretation

Teach effective communication techniques for interpreting ecological concepts and conveying environmental information to diverse audiences

Upcoming sessions

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Course Packages

    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages & Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance
    2. Accommodation €480
        • Value for Money 2* Hotel Room (5 days – 4 nights)
        • Breakfast buffet
        • Complimentary beverages and snacks (24/7)
        • All lunches
        • Daily transportation from and to the course venues
    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages & Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance
    2. Transportation €100
        • Daily transportation from and to the course venues

*Include all lunches in your package for an additional fee of Є50

    1. Training €400
      • Tuition fee
      • Training material
      • Administration costs
      • Beverages
      • Snacks
      • Certificate of Attendance

*Include all lunches in your package for an additional fee of Є50 

**This package is only suitable for participants who choose to handle their own transportation via car rental as this is the only alternative way to travel to the course venues



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