Treat post-traumatic disorder through art- Online Colour Therapy


The highest risk of PTD to be present between the age of 18 and 24 years for both men and women (Creamer and Parslow, PTSD, 2015) followed by the age of 45 and 54 years among men, and 55 and 64 years among women. About 7-8% of the population will have PTD at some point in their lives. This is only a small portion of those who have gone through a trauma. 40 million people from Europe suffer from PTD episodes (World Health Organisation 2017). In the countries involved in this project, the rate of individuals with PTD, is 8.37% in Spain (2017), 8.4% in Romania (2017).

Unfortunately, there are no available rates since 2014 in Turkey and Cyprus because attempts to reach estimations are still to be made, and the situation changed globally so much since that year. And these data are before the pandemic of Corona Virus started. In the current month the data must be higher, but no official statics in available yet. In Spain, after the pandemic starts, 53% of the health staff showed signs of PTD (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 20.05.2020)

Therefore, through our project we aim to develop an innovative training package for health VET trainers to use as a basic tool to train health support staff to familiarise them with PTD and increase their skills and competences to recognise and treat individuals with traumatic disorders through proper strategies for de-escalating stressful interactions. Online Colour Therapy project will involve at least 360 persons: 160 Health support staff and health VET trainers in the online Training courses, Virtual Reality scenarios, Psychotherapy working groups on how to treat post-traumatic disorder through colour therapy, and in C1& C2 trainings (40 persons-ES, 40-RO, 40-TR, 40-CY) 200 (at least) Decision makers, health experts, specialists, professionals- as results of the dissemination activities (50 persons-ES, 50-RO, 50-TR, 50-CY)