Circus A.C.T

At-risk youth transitioning into Adulthood through social Circus Training
2021-1 -CY02-KA220-YOU-000029183


Circus, as a discipline, provides a variety of experiences and activities which positively affect emotional, physical, and mental health well-being as well as the ability to focus and self-confidence. Studies have shown that circus skills programmes for young people, apart from enhancing physical, emotional and mental health, contribute to the development of self-confidence, self-efficacy, problem solving, trust, communication and leadership skills (Maglio, 2005). Thus, circus activities promote the development of various life skills that young people may not be able to develop in school or at home.

Social circus is an innovative approach based on the combination of circus arts and social-pedagogy which aims to assist personal development and boost the self-esteem and social competence of at-risk youth through circus instruction and performance.