Autism on the Line! Educating first Responders on how to Recognise and Treat individuals with autism


For people with autism, learning to interact with first responders is critical. It is, also, just as essential for first responders (police officers, firefighters, and medical emergency/ambulance workers) to understand autism and be prepared to respond effectively and safely to situations involving individuals on the spectrum.Therefore, we propose that all first responders in Europe receive training that familiarises them with ASD and provides strategies for de-escalating stressful interactions.

Therefore, having as a target group community first responders, we propose a project with the following objectives:

• To deliver training courses to directly train first responders in a set of skills and, also, to deliver these courses to a target group of VET trainers, in order to amplify and perpetuate the ripple effect of those courses

• design, test and publish an innovative training package for VET trainers that will train the target group (first responders) to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding about ASD and the skills necessary to recognise, interact, and treat appropriately individuals with ASD in cases of emergency

• help families and caregivers of individuals with ASD connect with first responders and develop mutual trust and the feeling of dependence on them when an emergency situation occurs