A teenage Mother



The project addresses the problems faced by teenage girls who become pregnant and give birth to children. Entering responsible social roles – motherhood – much earlier than their peers they must begin to fulfill the tasks set aside for mature adult women. Teenage mothers are at risk of social exclusion for several reasons: 1. Lack of education and professional qualifications 2. (usually) single motherhood 3. (Often) Lack of support in the family of origin 4. Lack of system tools aimed at working with teenage girls in labor kids 5. Emotional immaturity, difficulties in social functioning (including immaturity to act as a parent). 6. Stigmatization of teenage mothers.

The problem area of the project is little discussed and there is no elaboration or description in this respect of methods and tools of work that could support youth workers in their activities dedicated to teenage mothers. The group affected by the project is treated as marginal (the phenomenon of teenage pregnancies concerns up to several thousand girls in individual EU countries) hence the lack of standards and tools for working with them, usually teenage mothers are within national systems treated in the same way as adult women, but with this the limitation that they cannot independently decide about their fate and the fate of their children (no legal capacity).