An innovative Marine and Ocean Literacy Toolkit for early childhood teachers in the frames of the 14SDG - Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources.


The TeachBlue is a project will contribute to the development of an innovative future-oriented Toolkit targeting to support early education teachers’ initial and continuous professional development. It will give them all the knowledge, skills, and key competences needed to teach students from a very early age about marine and ocean literacy. The Toolkit (WP2) will include a Teacher’s Curriculum & Handbook, a Teacher’s Guide on Educational Activities (Classroom and Fieldwork/Outdoor Activities), a Board Game, and 360⁰ underwater videos. The development of the Toolkit will be based on the results of a State-of-the-art report (WP1) (desk research on the current state of Marine and Ocean Literacy on ECEC education in the EU, and field research on children’s Marine and Ocean Literacy knowledge, perceptions, and misconceptions). A training (WP3) on ECEC teachers will follow which will have a two-fold purpose: teachers to become acquainted with the Toolkit and give feedback for modifications (First pilot-testing phase), and to prepare them for pilot-testing.