European Union citizenship at school


Our project -will help teachers to include the EU and its values in their lessons, as well introducing in the school the EU citizenship education, both as a single or transversal subject; -will help students to be more connected with and aware of the EU. Being a EU citizen means being open to other cultures, to differences, and we want to promote all such values throughout our project activities; -will help schools to become inclusive environments, because they will be based on a European culture supported and integrated by the EU citizenship education. The objectives of the project are are: – train teachers on EU related topics; -support teachers in developing methodologies and strategies to integrate EU citizenship education in their subjects; -motivating students to become active citizens; -increase the awareness of students over the EU context, its rights, and common values; -support schools in enhancing civic participation and engagement and the participation of young students in the democratic life; -make the school a key driver in boosting the EU citizenship; -developing social and intercultural competencies, as well as critical thinking thanks to the activities proposed; -support the development of educational environments based on principles of inclusion and promoting diversity, embedding the very key principles of EU values; -boosting the collaboration among students regardless of their social background, special needs and origin