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What we offer

STANDOutEdu (PIC Number: 915551282) organizes Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses that respond to the needs of pre-primary, primary and secondary school staff and Higher Education Institutions, VET Providers and staff employed in Adult Education Centres. Our courses contribute to the professional development and skill acquisition of the target groups through the use of active learning processes, problem-based learning and higher-order thinking tasks.

Regarding the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses, we aim to:

  • give learners the support to acquire competencies in order to improve their personal development and employability in the labor market,
  • support the professional development of people who work in education, training, and youth and aim at improving their quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe,
  • raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures, traditions, beliefs, and way of life,
  • actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity,
  • reinforce synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Particularly, our organization offers opportunities for professional development to teaching and non-teaching staff belonging to the following fields of education:

  • Higher Education (HE): Training period for the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI or another relevant organization abroad,
  • Vocational and Educational Training (VET): VET staff can live a work placement or a job shadowing/observation period abroad in an enterprise or any other VET organization,
  • School Education: This activity supports the professional development of participants, school leaders or other school education staff in the form of participation in structured courses or training events abroad and a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a partner school or another relevant organization active in the field of school education,
  • Adult Education: This activity supports the professional development of adult education staff in the form of participation in structured courses or training events abroad and a job shadowing/observation period abroad in any relevant organization active in the adult education field,
  • Youth (Informal Education): This activity supports the professional development of youth workers in the form of participation in seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits and job shadowing/observation period abroad in an organization active in the youth field.


EnvironmentalEducation Forest


Environmental and Outdoor Education in Non-formal settings

Environmental education (EE) connects us to the world around us, teaching us about both natural and built environments, raising awareness on issues that impact the environment upon which we all depend, as well as actions we can take to improve and sustain it. This course is addressed to participants of any specialization, anyone who would like to enrich their repertoire...

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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles to Learners (children, youths, adults) 

Inspiring healthy lifestyles can contribute to a healthier, happier life through greater daily fitness activity, healthier eating habits, and emotional well-being. We aim at introducing the idea “Be active, eat healthily and be emotionally balanced”. We believe if people learn to live well, the quality of their lives and of society in general, will be enriched...

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Health and Emotional Education: Creating a positive and effective climate among learners (children, youths, adults)

Health and Emotional education is addressed teachers/trainers/tutors any specialization, anyone who would like to enrich their repertoire/knowledge of teaching techniques and ideas concerning the development of daily healthy habits (exercise, eating healthy, connection to nature)...

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Robotics and STEM in Education 

Robotics and STEM is a training course that promotes the role and contribution of robotics and technology, engineering, math, and science (STEM) in learning. It aims to provide participants with the theoretical framework of STEM and involve them in learning activities based on project-based learning through robotics...

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Group Fitness Trends in Schools 

Group Fitness Trends in Schools is a training course that aims to offer experiences of various instructional approaches connecting to Physical Education through the use of group fitness programs. The participants will learn through theoretical and practical processes the fundamentals of functional training through the concept of group exercising...

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Art and Environment 

Art and Environment is a course addressed to anyone who would like to enrich their repertoire of teaching techniques and ideas and anyone interested in learning how to teach art in schools, VET Centres and Adult education centers through the utilization of the natural, social and cultural environment. The course will be based on artistic practices and pedagogical approaches, aiming at the qualitative improvement of teaching...

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Special Education and Autism: How to Manage Challenging Behaviours in the Classroom 

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is most commonly used in special education classes to treat behavioural problems among special needs students. However, many of the theories and precepts common in education in general today have also grown out of the science of behaviour analysis...

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Immigrants and Refugees: Lifting barriers to inclusion through Non-Formal Education

The course aims to support participants (teachers, educators, youth mentors, VET trainers) to deal with learners with a refugee background, and lack often the language skills or suffer from war traumas that become a barrier to their full integration to their “new” home. Educators confronted with such issues have to be better prepared to know how to deal with these learners...

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Emotional Intelligence: The essential ingredient for a healthier, happier and successful life

Studies have shown that 80% of our success is based on our emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a precious “treasure” for students, teachers and parents to know, understand and apply in their everyday life. That’s why this course is so valuable! The participants will have the opportunity to learn about the theory of emotional intelligence, as well as to develop their own Emotional Quotient (EQ)...

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Game-Based Learning in Education 

The goal of this course is to introduce teachers to concepts and tools that focus on the pedagogical use of games which can significantly enhance the good quality and effectiveness of education. They will receive training on how to use open educational resources, gain new skills, learn how to implement GBL strategies into their lessons and create a sample lesson. They will also exchange ideas and develop links with teachers from other European...

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Learning Disabilities and Autism: Classroom Strategies 

Learning impairments and autism can manifest itself in a variety of ways, each having a different impact on a person’s life and behavior. The course’s goal is to give students an overview of Learning Disabilities and Autism, as well as to promote awareness and foster understanding...

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Health and Emotional Education! Yep…that’s what we ALL need nowadays! Thank you STANDOutEdu for the amazing activities! I will definitely use them in my teaching!

Patrick, UK, June 2018

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