Innovative training material and methodology to support the development of marketable digital and green skills of NEET youth from rural areas to empower their employability


Despite a recent decrease in the relevant rate in the EU, combatting youth unemployment remains one of the priorities of national and European agendas since in February 2020 the EU youth unemployment rate was 14.8% as compared to 24.1% in February 2013. However, there are still great differences between the EU Member States, and the share of long-term unemployed among the unemployed is still about 45%. The youth unemployment rate is only partially a reflection of the situation among young Europeans, as it is limited to people between 15 and 24 who are conventionally unemployed. The various groups within the NEET category have different characteristics and needs, but all NEETs share the common feature of not accumulating human capital through the labour market or education and training.

DG-VET project partners recognize the important contribution of the Digital and Green economy (DaGE) sectors to creating job opportunities for young people living in rural areas. According to the OECD’s report “Employment implications of Green Growth: Linking jobs, growth and green policies”:

– Green policies can achieve job creation in a number of ‘green’ economic sectors and through a transition of the economy towards more labor-intensive services sectors, while job destruction especially occurs in ‘brown’ sectors whose activities get replaced by green sectors.

– Existing labour market policy tools are largely sufficient, but can be applied more effectively. Education and training systems that prepare workers for future labour demand needs are especially important to smooth the transition.

– The digital economy has the potential to enhance productivity, income and social well-being. It is creating job opportunities in new markets and increasing employment in some existing occupations.

Within this framework, the main objective of the DG-VET project will be to develop a new innovative form of training material along with a gamified e-learning platform and a methodology for designing and implementing acceleration programs for potential young entrepreneurs and apprentices that will empower VET organizations/trainers throughout Europe by enabling

them to support:

– young/women NEETs living in rural areas in developing and enhancing their digital and green skills;

– their (self) employment in the two rapidly developing sectors of Digital and Green economy.