A spectrum of opportunities: training field professionals on how to recruit and support individuals with autism at the workplace


Across Europe, there is a serious lack of education and training that could give people with autism the vocational, social and communication skills that are required for employment. When a person with ASD does seek employment, regardless of whether they managed to gain a relevant education or not, they are often faced with stigma and discrimination related to their autism. Even if a person does not reveal their condition to a potential employer, chances are they will be turned away because employers interpret their communication and social interaction difficulties as clear signs that they are not suitable employees, instead of seeing that with specific forms of support the individual could perform well in the job. Furthermore, for those who do manage to gain a job, keeping it is another challenge, as the combination of inherent difficulties, lack of support, and social attitudes can be overwhelming for a person with ASD (Autism-Europe, 2014).

The project has the following objectives:

• Understanding the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce

• understanding autism

• increasing awareness of the difficulties an ASD person may face at the workplace

• Creating an autism-friendly recruitment process.

• Designing an autism-friendly workspace